Save-the-Dates Giveaway on The Thirty-Something Bride!

The Thirty-Something Bride is hosting a giveaway of Rachel Jasper Save-the-Dates!  Go here to find out more and enter!

My favorite:

My favorite

My favorite

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Sseko Designs Giveaway on Budget Savvy Bride!

One of my favorite wedding blogs is Budget Savvy Bride. And this week, BSB Jessica has a fantastic giveaway!

One lucky commenter on Jessica’s blog will win a pair of Sseko sandals with two different pairs of interchangeable straps.  Its kind of like winning two pairs of shoes!

As Jessica writes,

Sseko Designs is a company that partners with a school in Kampala, Uganda to employ recent high school graduates to make beautiful sandals as a way to earn money to continue on to University. They employ bright young women who would otherwise not have the opportunity to continue their education. Sseko is passionate about educating and empowering women, specifically in developing countries.”

My favorites?  Starboard and red.

Inspiration Board for Sseko Red Sandals

Inspiration Board for Sseko Red Sandals

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Hey everyone!

I’ve decided to extend the deadline for my giveaway to Friday, August 14.  To win a copy of the fabulous “The Worse-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Weddings,” simply leave a comment with your best budget-saving idea.

Everything from “How to avoid an allergic reaction to flowers” to ” How to survive the first dance if you have two left feet” and even “How to survive if you forget your anniversary” is covered in this handy guide.

Solutions range from practical (“Smooth out rough edges with confectioners’ sugar or chopped coconut.  Reconstruct with icing or whipped cream” for minor cake shifting or smashed frosting) to silly (“For a more casual or beach wedding, make a kicky, terry-cloth towel dress” if the bride’s gown is lost).  The book is a fun shower gift or book to have on your big day.

So enter my giveaway now…you know you want to!

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The Perfect Jewelry

Remember how I said my cousin was sending me her wedding jewelry to try on with my dress?

It. Is. Perfect.

Seriously.  It looks like it was made to go with my dress.

I’m so excited about this!

My New Wedding Jewelry!

My New Wedding Jewelry!

Sorry guys, I cut out the picture of my dress because Dan occasionally looks at the blog.

I’m still up in the air about this veil; thoughts?

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My first 5K and half-marathon!

I did it.

I just signed up for my first 5K and my first half-marathon!  I started running back in January because the only machines that consistently work in the exercise room in our apartment building were treadmills.  I used the Runner’s World beginner’s training schedule, and though I used to hate running, I love it now.

So, on September 20, I will be running the Henry Vilas Zoo Run Run 5K.  The run benefits the free zoo in Madison, WI.  The zoo is one of those places that visitors don’t usually know about because it is tucked back into a neighborhood.  But, they have most of the traditional zoo animals and entry is completely free.  It is remarkably well kept-up considering the fact that admission is $0, and so the Zoo Run Run is for a great cause!  As Kelley, my maid-of-honor and 5K partner, says, “The Zoo Run Run will be fun, fun, fun!”

On March 7, 2010, I will be running the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in Orlando, Florida. 

It will get a little pricey with the flights and all, but getting to go to Florida is excellent motivation, and will be my substitute spring break.  So far I’m running with Kelley and her sister, Jenny, as well as our friend Jen.  I’m so excited!!

As an added bonus, between training for my first half marathon and gearing up for our honeymoon biking in Europe, I will be in excellent shape for the wedding, right?

Any tips as I train for my first half-marathon?

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My very first GIVEAWAY!

The people over at Chronicle Books were kind enough to send me two copies of “The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Weddings.”  The book has clever and cute advice for how to deal with wedding emergencies– some real ideas and some funny ones.  It would make a great gift for a bridal shower.

To see an excerpt, go to:

‘How to Trim the Guest List’

Example: “Agree in advance what the cut-off level will be – Remove entire categories. Decide no kids, no work-related people, no relations beyond first cousins, no dates for singles, no redheads.”

Seeing as this blog is entitled “Modern Bride With a Budget,” the giveaway is….

Leave a comment with your best budget-savings or DIY wedding tip by August 14, 2009.  Two comments will be chosen at random to receive a free copy of this book!

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Blue Candy Buffet

We aren’t doing a candy buffet, but I think they can be a really pretty way to have your favors double as decoration.  But I love this picture of a blue candy buffet, because it seems like blue candy would be difficult to find.  I know affordable blue flowers are!

Blue Candy Buffet, The Knot

Blue Candy Buffet, The Knot

Lucky for you aiming to do a candy buffet with hard-to-find colors, there are some websites that allow you to sort their candy by color…

Candy Warehouse

Bulk Candy Store –their “blue and white roundup lollipops” are especially cute!

A Candy Store


Good luck, and enjoy!

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