Hey everyone!

I’ve decided to extend the deadline for my giveaway to Friday, August 14.  To win a copy of the fabulous “The Worse-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Weddings,” simply leave a comment with your best budget-saving idea.

Everything from “How to avoid an allergic reaction to flowers” to ” How to survive the first dance if you have two left feet” and even “How to survive if you forget your anniversary” is covered in this handy guide.

Solutions range from practical (“Smooth out rough edges with confectioners’ sugar or chopped coconut.  Reconstruct with icing or whipped cream” for minor cake shifting or smashed frosting) to silly (“For a more casual or beach wedding, make a kicky, terry-cloth towel dress” if the bride’s gown is lost).  The book is a fun shower gift or book to have on your big day.

So enter my giveaway now…you know you want to!

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One Response to GIVEAWAY EXTENDED- Enter Now!

  1. mismikado says:

    I just found your blog via Budget Savvy Bride and congrats on winning her giveaway! I too am a small budget bride and please check out my website… my best budget savings have come from making most everything. All our linens are going to be revamped sheets and curtains… this equate to huge saving! We will be spending just over $200 on white table cloths and fancy toppers for 35 tables… I’m quite excited… I have a bunch more savings ideas on my blog and I look forward to reading about yours 🙂 Yay to the May 2010 Brides out there!

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