My first 5K and half-marathon!

I did it.

I just signed up for my first 5K and my first half-marathon!  I started running back in January because the only machines that consistently work in the exercise room in our apartment building were treadmills.  I used the Runner’s World beginner’s training schedule, and though I used to hate running, I love it now.

So, on September 20, I will be running the Henry Vilas Zoo Run Run 5K.  The run benefits the free zoo in Madison, WI.  The zoo is one of those places that visitors don’t usually know about because it is tucked back into a neighborhood.  But, they have most of the traditional zoo animals and entry is completely free.  It is remarkably well kept-up considering the fact that admission is $0, and so the Zoo Run Run is for a great cause!  As Kelley, my maid-of-honor and 5K partner, says, “The Zoo Run Run will be fun, fun, fun!”

On March 7, 2010, I will be running the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in Orlando, Florida. 

It will get a little pricey with the flights and all, but getting to go to Florida is excellent motivation, and will be my substitute spring break.  So far I’m running with Kelley and her sister, Jenny, as well as our friend Jen.  I’m so excited!!

As an added bonus, between training for my first half marathon and gearing up for our honeymoon biking in Europe, I will be in excellent shape for the wedding, right?

Any tips as I train for my first half-marathon?

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2 Responses to My first 5K and half-marathon!

  1. Kelley says:

    You’re pretty much amazing! Plus I love the fact that I am mentioned more than once in this entry. 🙂

  2. modernbridewithabudget says:

    Not only are you mentioned once, I quoted you too 🙂

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