Blue Candy Buffet

We aren’t doing a candy buffet, but I think they can be a really pretty way to have your favors double as decoration.  But I love this picture of a blue candy buffet, because it seems like blue candy would be difficult to find.  I know affordable blue flowers are!

Blue Candy Buffet, The Knot

Blue Candy Buffet, The Knot

Lucky for you aiming to do a candy buffet with hard-to-find colors, there are some websites that allow you to sort their candy by color…

Candy Warehouse

Bulk Candy Store –their “blue and white roundup lollipops” are especially cute!

A Candy Store


Good luck, and enjoy!

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2 Responses to Blue Candy Buffet

  1. I love candy buffets and dessert tables, but I’m probably a little biased given my occupation!

  2. Jeanna says:

    My sister did a blue and white candy buffet for her wedding. We looked at some of the listed sites but our budget was a bit too tight to get what we needed. We ended up getting most of our candy from a Target/Walmart and because they had flat rate shipping.

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