A Cappella!!

My fiance used to be in two a cappella groups: a quartet at home, and one at UW-Madison.  While he is no longer in the university group, he is still great friends with the rest of the quartet.  In fact, two of them will be groomsmen in the wedding.

Back when he was still in the UW-Madison group, he had this great plan for a proposal:  he was going to compose our song a cappella (“That’s All” by Michael Buble),  then pull me up on stage so that the group could sing it to me and he could propose.  Since he was out of the group before he proposed, however, that plan never got to be acted out.

Enter the quartet, Out of Service.  Dan has decided that he will compose the song in a four-part a cappella, and sing “That’s All” with Out of Service at our wedding.  I’m so excited!  I love hearing Dan sing, and it will add such a personal, unique touch to our wedding!

Have you seen the bride or groom demonstrate their talents like this at your wedding or one you’ve been to?  How did it go?

Photo by our fabulous photographer, Blue Dandelion Photography

Photo by our fabulous photographer, Blue Dandelion Photography

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One Response to A Cappella!!

  1. sanebride says:

    So cool! I love this idea 🙂

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