Something Blue…

For the past few months, I have been scouring the Internet and shoe stores for the perfect pair of blue shoes.  I found these:

Lyla Peep Toes from J. Crew

Lyla Peep Toes from J. Crew

The inability to try them on or see them in person before I buy them, coupled with the fact that sale shoes cannot be returned, made me too nervous to purchase them.

I love the idea of wearing royal or cobalt blue shoes with my wedding dress, but have had very little luck finding them.  I’ve found several buttercup-yellow shoes that are cute, and that’s our accent color, so that might work too.  But blue would look so much better!

So what do you think:  should my shoes be blue, which is our wedding color, or can they be any color, as long as I love them, they look good with my dress, and are comfortable?

All comments and input would be much appreciated!

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