More cookie buffets…

This cookie buffet is beautiful and perfect.

Beautiful cookie buffet

Beautiful cookie buffet

A few tips from the sister-of-the-bride of this wedding:

1.  GET HELP…don’t do it all by yourself.

I’m hoping my bridesmaids will help out on the cookie front.

2.  Aim for using mostly simple recipes, because making a lot of cookies takes A LOT of time.

3.  This is smart:

“I made an Excel spreadsheet for myself, listing all the recipes I was going to use, and the number of batches of each, and then had it calculate the total pounds of flour, butter, etc. I needed to buy. I did one or two major shopping trips at Smart and Final and bought supplies in bulk. Knowing my entire list ahead of time saved time and money.”

Love it.

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Julie blogs about food science, her favorite recipes and appreciating the little things in life at
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2 Responses to More cookie buffets…

  1. Grace says:

    I am doing a cookie buffet for my May 2010 wedding. I was just wondering how many cookies you had for your cookie buffet and what the total cost was? Thanks!

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