Colors and Buffet Ideas

I really like the idea of candy buffets, a recent wedding trend.  I’ve also seen weddings where they did a popcorn buffet or cookie buffet.  I think it adds a unique touch that is easily personalized.

Candy buffets are probably the easiest to get approved to bring into the museum, but I do love popcorn, and I do like to bake.  For a cookie buffet, I have several ideas of how to personalize the cookies with our monograms as well.

The buffet jars will be wrapped in ribbons matching our wedding colors.  Speaking of which…

As for colors, we really like cobalt blue.  I’m a little concerned about finding cobalt blue dresses that we like for the bridesmaids, so we’re thinking about also doing some shade of orange or yellow with the blue.  I keep changing my mind though, so we’ll see!

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